Run Coaching

Hi!  I am Kristen Weigand a lifetime Midwesterner residing in the Kansas City Metro area. 

I started my professional career in personal training shortly after I fell in love with trail running in 2012 with my first 50k.  After my first 50k I completed a few 50 and 100 milers.  I am an Ultramarathon runner in addition to a certified personal trainer.  I love exploring new trails and running old ones.   I enjoy strength training and weightlifting as much as I enjoy trails.  To be your best you need strength training, flexibility training with cross training added.  It's makes you a stronger runner with less fatigue and helps prevent injury.  If you leave any component of full body training out its likely your body will soon remind you.

What I provide:

One on one personalized coaching/support/planning, in person training (for those local to Kansas City area), as well as, via email, text, skype, FB messenger for those outside the KC metro

Flexible training plans to meet your goals while fitting into your busy life

Focus on incorporating a well-rounded, healthy plan that includes strength training, flexibility and cross training to reach your goals

Do you want to improve your endurance and distance training? We can start with 1 mile and go all the way to 100 mile training.

Don’t “think” about improving your health and performance one more day.  Let’s start today!

Email me with your goals and your availability in order for us to create a personalized plan with pricing. 


ACE certified Personal Trainer
Group Fitness: Strength Training, TRX, Active Older Adult, Cycle, Bootcamp, Barre Connect