Nashville: Trails, Craft Beer and Country Music

Coffee, trail run, craft beer, country music and good food.  Pretty sure we did things in the correct order.  We stayed at a airbnb apartment in The Gulch area of Nashville and everything except the trails were in walking distance (like 1.5 miles) of our place.

Cool coffee shop Barista Parlor right by the apartment we stayed at.  Also notice I am carrying or wearing a purse.  I feel like this deserves it's own post.  I haven't carried a purse since I was able to ditch the diaper bag.

Explored some great city trails at Warner Parks.  More on the trails later this week:)

Country music hall of fame and the Johnny Cash Museum because they felt like Nashville vacation requirements to me.  Both were neat but not as big as I was expecting them to be.  There wasn't much in the Johnny Cash Museum that was new to me, I did like this wall of his album covers.  

We spent the afternoon on music row hanging out in two different bars to listen to the bands and drink Tennessee beer.  The 2nd stop at Layla's we checked out the Eskimo Brothers,  good honky Tonk!  Bought 2 of their cd's.  Said they sometimes play at Knuckleheads here in KC so may get to check them out again. 
They played one of my favorite Johnny Cash Songs "Cocaine Blues" it's on my ultra race playlist.  Perfect for an extremely long run.

Checked out the Yazoo and Jackalope Breweries.  Both had good stuff.  I'm a wheat and sours girl so I might not have the widest beer palate.  I love seeing how different breweries decorate and theme their spaces.   

Peg Leg Porker dry rub bbq one night, so tasty.  Then we went fancy for dinner the second night.  Strangely no pictures of this but I wore a dress so pretty fancy. 

When in a Nashville bar a Yee Haw beer is in order.  Great 3 night trip packing in my favorite activities.