Bennett Springs Fishing and Trails

Since I got this guy T.J. hooked on a little trail running, my favorite sport he decided to take me out to try his favorite sport, fly fishing.    We went down to Bennett Springs, MO.  A super popular spot for trout fishing and less than 3 hour drive from the Kansas City area.  We set up camp for 3 nights, went old school with a tent and cooking everything at the campfire.  The camping area was nice and even though the park and camping areas were mostly full it didn't feel crowded.  Nice since I'm not a fan of crowds.

My super awesome outfit!  So I had never been fly fishing before.  There is a bit more to it than regular pond fishing and which fly you are using is really important.  I like standing in the cold water since it was so hot out and I did ok with casting.  I mean I didn't hook anyone else or myself so that was good.  I didn't catch anything though.

Lucky for me this guy caught a bunch so we had tasty fish cooked over the campfire.

He got to do all the dirty work.

Turns out there are trails there too!  Around 15 miles of them all right at the park.  There are a few really short ones but 2 nice (might depend on your definition of nice, but I liked them) longer ones.  On Friday we went out in the middle of the afternoon when it was nice and super hot out.  Had to save the morning and evening for fishing.  Also not being sarcastic here, I genuinely like super hot weather.  
We went out on the natural tunnel trail.  Map said it was 7.5 miles, Strava put it closer to 8.5.  It's a looped trail with an out and back in the middle to take you out to the natural tunnel.  Map may of made it sound a lot cooler than it actually was but it was interesting.  The trail itself was a variety of surfaces,  crushed rock, rocks, dirt, and grass.  I wouldn't call it a smooth trail and there was quite a bit of incline/decline.  

Missouri sized mountains.  Took this from T. J.'s Strava since I forgot to bring my watch.

Saturday I hit up the Savanna Ridge Trail on my own, T.J. had more fishing to do and I decided the fish weren't interested in my fly.  I ran over to the trail from the fishing spot, not far at all.  It was a 2.5ish mile loop with a short .4 ish connector trail inside of it.  I ran out to the far side of the connector trail, did an out and back on it then to the start of the trail turned around and ran back.  This loop was a little less hilly and a little more like single track.  After I ran back over to the Spring then followed a short flat .6 mile trail that followed along the water opposite the side from all the fishermen.  

Trail was well marked and almost completely void of people even with Bennett Springs being packed.