Psycho Psummer Trail Racing in Kansas

psycho psummer race medals

Psycho Psummer 50k race is this Saturday.   (I won’t be at the race, there are mountains in Colorado that need to be ran.)  The race holds a special place in my heart (most people who know me know I have no feelings so kinda a big deal.)  It was my first ultra distance (50k) and first trail race.  I signed up for the July race in 2012 when I realized I’d be getting a divorce and wanted something else to obsess over.  The race ended up being the day after I finalized my divorce.

psycho psummer 2012
Psycho Psummer 2012

First post on this blog

-First race I ran shirtless and thought it was like a big deal at the time

-Wanted to drop to the 20 miler but was talked out of it and ran whole thing

-Ran it in 7:05:48


The summer of 2013 I apparently had no time for blogging but mentioned it with a summer round-up here.

Psycho Psummer 2013
Psycho Psummer 2013

-Drank a pitcher or so of margaritas the night before, 31 miles best way to rid yourself of a hangover

-had huge cramping issue down both hamstrings and calves around mile 23(no idea what would have caused that, haha) but I salted and electrolyted up and walked it off

-finished in 6:28:47


In 2014 I was into it and not as worried about the whole thing.  You never know now things will go when doing long distance but it’s all good.  I made it my birthday run.

Psycho Psummer 2014
Psycho Psummer 2014

-Some women named Kaci Lickteig won that year ( She runs for Nike and won Western States this year.) 

-Apparently seeing another runner barfing and not doing well(over heated, dehydrated) got me all jazzed about running.  Not jazzed that he wasn’t doing well but jazzed that he was going all in.                                                                                                               

-I ran it in 6:01:19 and won 3rd (way way behind Kaci) but won $100, had no idea there was prize money for this race or that I’d place.


Last year I was all injured so didn’t even attempt to run the race.  If one was going to be an injured trail runner last was the year to do it.  Many races in the area were either changed or a huge mud fest including this one because of all the rain.

While I may not do the race again.  Limited time, limited funds, I’d rather spend them on far away trails and races for the most part.  I live close enough to WYCO I can head over and run the trails at my leisure.

I’m  excited to here about the race this year.  My friend Shawn will be running the 10 miler this Saturday.  Making it his first tail race.  He just started running trails this year.  I think he is hooked and I’m looking forward to his race report.

Anyone else make this their first trail race?

Getting Ready To Run: Never Summer 100k

Just short of a week out from the big Never Summer  100k and aside from a few small things I think I’m ready to go. Workouts don’t matter now because as someone told me “the hay is in the barn.” Time to take it a little easy and arrive fresh and ready to run!

New for this Never Summer 100k:

Mountains:  I’ve never ran them but I like hills. Pretty much the same right?

Course map and directions:  Trying this new thing where I look at the map and directions beforehand.  I even printed off the directions to study.

New race vest, I bought an upgraded version of the UltrAspire I had and loved. This one holds another liter of water and has more space so I can stuff an extra water bottle, rain jacket, hat, headlamp and so much more init.

headlamp race vest

Headlamp and vest, obviously not the race outfit.

Headlamp: I bought the Black Diamond Icon it is serious and has 320 lumes. Not messing around with seeing at night in the mountains.

Playlist: Headphones are frowned upon during the race and I never wear them while running trail anyway but I made a list of songs to sing for trail time entertainment and to let the bears know I’m around so I don’t surprise them and they eat me(kidding, not kidding I hope I don’t see any bears.)
Either way I hope Dennis is excited to listen to the entire playlist over and over again on the 11 hour drive up so I have all the words ingrained in my brain. Also Courtney lets sing some of these together.

I have no taste in music but I feel like these songs are going to keep me going. Plus I pretty much already know these songs by heart.

My friend Dennis and I will be driving up on Friday picking my sister up in Denver then heading to packet pick up.  Hopefully getting a little sleep in our hotel room and the race starts at 5:30 Saturday morning.

My sister will be joining me at mile 50ish to finish off the last 14 miles with me.  Courtney has been checking out some trails and ran a few trail races this year to prepare.  She did her research and made a great pacer ready checklist here!  I think she will be great company for the end of the race!  I know she’ll keep up because bears(haha.)



Night Hawk 50k Trail Racing at Night

2016 Nighthawk-50k

Night Hawk 50k

Two weeks ago I ran the Night Hawk 50k at Clinton Lake Trails in Lawrence, KS.  Signed up week of but had been thinking about it for a couple months.  I’m running Never Summer 100k in another 2 weeks and felt like a needed another race beforehand to keep me on my game.  Only an hourish drive from home, I needed a long run and it was at night so even better for training.  Everything came together last minute, dropped Gretchen off with my mom who I really appreciate watching her so I could go out to the race.  I picked up fellow runner Leia on the way and we got there in plenty of time to get our stuff together and hangout a little before the start.


The whole thing went by kinda fast for me, I mean it took all night but didn’t seem like it.  I realized I was already hungry right before the start and ate the cliff bar I had brought along.  The 50k and 10 miler started together.  I kinda started towards the front because I wanted to and so there were probably 10 – 15 guys in front all fast but there wasn’t anyone looking to get past me once we were on the trail so I think I picked the right spot.  There was still daylight for the first 5ish miles of the race for me so I figured go a little faster while I had the daylight.  The course was 3 loops with an aid station 6. something miles in and at the start/finish.  Both were well stocked and all the aid station volunteers were super nice and helpful.

It was super hot(90ish˙ I think) and muggy though out the night.  I went with wearing my current favorite shorts, a sports bra I made.  I wore new hot pink compression socks from Tiux since my old ones died at my last race. The socks fit great and no foot issues after the race even though I did that thing you are never supposed to do and didn’t try wearing them before the race.  Then new Altras I bought at RUN816.

The first loop went by the fastest with it being light out for half of it and having other runners around a little bit.  The 10miler started at the same time so more people out on the first loop.  The 2nd loop felt the longest especially when getting close to the aid station that is more than half way though the course.  Everything sped back up after that.  Much shorter distance back to the start then it’s all “well what’s one more loop?”

My favorite were the woo hooing girls volunteering and directing us on which way to go near the beginning and end of the course.  My other favorites were the aid station volunteers filling my hydration pack and handing out the cold wet towels, the towels felt great!  They had a great selection of food options but during the race I ate 2 packs of honey stinger chews, pickles at each stop, 4 red hard candy things and I think a few Pringle’s once.  I did drink a cup of the tailwind at each aid stop as well.

I placed 1st female, love the wood burned award!

I got to see my friend Dennis, he had just ran a night half marathon the night before running this one.  He’ll be running Never Summer 100k in a couple of weeks as well.

Shoe Twins!


Finish Stats:

7 545 Kristen Weigand 6:44:47 1st place woman CR

The race entry fee also include awesome pictures from Mile90 Photography.  I think you can pick out which ones in my post are from them.