The temps have been getting up in the 90's here in Kansas City, Missouri for a few weeks now and I am loving running in the heat!  I'm a hot weather gal so while a few degrees cooler might be more ideal for outdoor exercise I'm not complaining or taking all my miles indoors.  That said when it's this hot out if you don't love the heat or are new to running outdoors it is probably way more reasonable to take your workouts indoors.  I'm not the most reasonable person, I love to sweat and find the heat and outdoors super energizing.

running in the heat

Rock Running in the Heat

Really Good Ideas:

Workout in the early morning or late evening when it's a little cooler and the sun is not overhead.

I rarely get to pick the time of day I workout my day usually picks it for me but if you can pick early morning is ideal.

Find some shade

I like to head to the trails for hot weather runs(and all runs) but this keeps the sun off of you and you stay cooler.

Keep it short

You are going to be working harder so work less.

Half in/ Half out

With a shorter workout outside I have time for more inside the gym.

Have electrolytes for workouts over an hour when you're not keeping it short

Sports drink or I like Nuun(no sugar)  but whatever works for you.

Not loving it? Quit

Not worth overheating and making yourself sick.


I need to work on this one but a sunburn will not make you feel cooler.

Don't worry about your planned workout, go by feel

I'm not someone who schedules out their runs.  I just go out and run 4-15 miles mostly depending on how much time I have but just what I feel like that day too.  I realize most people like to plan things out a bit more. But when it's super hot keeping it more casual will make it more fun.


Must dos:

Light colored clothes/ less clothes

Otherwise you'll just be hotter.

Have water on you or within a couple of minutes of you

Water is a must!

Listen to your body and what it can handle that day

If your body is done after 3 miles even though you wanted 5 is probably better to just be done, maybe finish up in the gym later.

What's your favorite way to deal with the heat?


Like more training tips?

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On Saturday September 10th I'm going to try out my first triathlon at the Olathe Medical Center Women's Triathlon, if you're a women and want to try something new you should totally join me!

Last Saturday I attended a great event where we leaned about outfit options and training plan options and the importance of good nutrition and fueling your body.  After taking in all the information we headed outdoors for a brick workout consisting of a 7 mile bike ride and run around the block.  When we finished our workout we had yogurt parfaits and a great yoga stretch from Regina Casner an instructor at  Yoga Six.  Really loved that!


It's hard to figure out what to do and how to get all the training in when you only have so much time in a week.  You are most likely drawn to one of the 3 events involved for a variety of reasons.  For me it is clearly running.  I love running the most and it is the easiest to do.  I can literally run anywhere and running shoes are fairly easy to tote around with me.

This is a short tri.  A 500m swim, 10.6 mile bike ride and a 5k.  If this is your first tri I think it is probably more important that you just get yourself doing each sport enough that you have confidence to finish each distance on race do.  At races you can always do more than in training even if your tired.  That said at the Tri training Tri coach Don Herron talked to us about everything Tri, clothes, training plans and what getting through race day might be like.  It was a lot to take in.



A few key points I got about training from Don:

-Endurance should be the foundation of your training plan.

-Run hill repeats.

-Do one brick workout a week. Bike then Run.  Try for 50% percent of race distance, then working to close to race distance as race day approaches.

-When going from bike to the run start slow and give yourself a little time to speed up.

-Practice short fast repeats in the swim.

-Try for race distance when practicing the swim but take breaks as needed.

-Train your body to perform on fatigued legs.


Kansas City has a Triathlon Club, Trikc, need to check that out.  They do regular group workouts and you can find lots of useful Tri info on their site.


My diet is extremely regular and plain.  Oatmeal, cheese quesadilla, and bars are our staples.  Gretchen asks for protein bars when she is hungry.  Then this week on separate occasions she cooked herself oatmeal and a quesadilla in the microwave.  I feel like my parenting is about done here.

I'm still pretty nutritious though at least in my head.  I stuff my oatmeal with protein powder, almond butter, bananas, other fruit, nuts.

To my cheese and tortillas I add black beans, sweet potatoes.  Roasted brussel sprouts, asparagus or Broccoli.  Sometimes there are bagged salads involved as a side.  Then we buy a lot of fruit mostly berries and banana because they get eaten.

I eat chicken and salmon when I work because it's cheap for me at the restaurant and most important I don't have to cook it.  Beef and pork when I go out to eat or at my parents house.  I'm just not for cooking anymore, like why waste my time with that.  I don't have the time really and meal prep is beyond me.  How am I supposed to know on Sunday where I'll be and what I'll feel like eating on Thursday when I'm hungry?

This is why I love bars so much.  Easy to carry with you, not too many calories and just hit the spot.  Bars are the one thing I still like making though it's not really cooking.  We go though a ton of store bought ones so it's good to mix things up with a homeade version sometimes.

I really like having energy bars on hand for when I don't feel like eating breakfast or I need to eat before a run.  I only like to run on a mostly empty stomach but I don't want to be hungry.  Perfect fix for when I don't want to eat a meal.  I found this mix and match chart here (page 69) for making your own bars.  The link is to the online version of Hy-vee grocery stores magazine.  I picked my ingredients based on what I already had in my cabinets.  The first ones turned out great so I tried several different versions.

Protein Bars

2 cups oats

3/4 cup honey

1 cup peanut butter

1 cup ground flaxseed

3 scoops protein powder

1 cup almond slivers

1 cup chopped dates

For other ideas check out my other Bar recipes here!