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Run MO Trails!


Get your sticker here!

There are a ton of trails, sweet landscapes and nature all around us.  When I do vacation and travel I prefer it to be for exploring trails in other places.  Unfortunately I can't do that all the time (unless I can figure out how to make money doing that.)  Luckily there are a ton of cool trails right here in my area of the Midwest.  Trails I had no clue about 4 years ago when I was only running roads.  I have learned so much in the past 4 years.  I used to think you needed headphones and music to run, turns out you don't.  Unless you have to turn to the treadmill of course.  I had no idea how many trails where in the Kansas City area.  When I ran my first 50k trail race the only trails I knew about where the ones I was running on in Wyandotte County Lake Park.  Turns out there are plenty of trails on the east side, west side, south, north and right in the middle of Kansas City. 

Side note:  I run trails by myself sometimes.  I have mileage goals and a weird schedule that can change weekly.  I think it's BS that society thinks that women should have to run in groups or else its their fault if something happens. Telling women that they can only travel in groups is not a solution to the problem of men thinking they can harass or assault women.  That said I probably still wouldn't run the trails in urban KC by myself.  Do what you want and whatever you're comfortable with just be aware.   

I'm always running these sweet Missouri trails for free and loving it! I had these vinyl stickers made up to show my love for trails and Missouri. $5/sticker and I'm giving all the cash to Urban Trail Co here in the Kansas City area since I'm always using their hard work. Stickers are 3.5" X 3.75" and great for your rear car window. Buy here or hit me up on the trails:)

Looks great on any dirty trail runners vehicle!  Just be sure to wipe the dirt off before you stick it on.


Go Hard When You Can't Go Long

It seems to work out that good weather and my free time do not coordinate.  Probably asking too much that I be off on nice days for outdoor activities but as I soon as I can find someone to pay me to be a pro runner that is all going to change.  We had some nice weather out Monday while I was at work.  Is it appropriate to ask customers to scarf their food down and leave at 3:00 when we close so that I can get a longer run in?  
I had 40ish minutes of free time by the time I changed and got out of the building.  Well when you can't go long you go hard.  I think it's a rule or something.  Luckily the stairs and hills surrounding Liberty Memorial across the street provide the perfect set up for this.

There is at least a 1000 different ways you could set up a great workout around this place with all the stair sets, hills, paved loop, and grass areas.  Monday I did this:

The Workout

1 mile warm up run 

1)  Run up the stairs
2) Down the hill
3) Down the stairs
4) Flat to uphill 

1 lap was about .22 mile

Repeat for 1.5 miles

.5 mile easy run

The last .5 mile was on the way back to the car where I promptly jumped in, changed outfits and drove over to my evening class pumped up for teaching 45 minutes of cardio and strength work.

Sweaty Bag for my Sweaty Self


Keep your sweaty clothes contained after your workout till you can get them to the wash in this zip up pouch that fits right into your gym bag.

I workout at the gym, I teach classes at a couple of gyms, I go run trails, occasionally I head to the pool (probably should do more of that.)  One gym bag for all of this.  With all the outfit changes it can get gross and smelly quick.  I needed to do something so I wasn't having to wash out my entire bag every week.  I came up with this bag that is like another pocket in the gym bag that can be taken right out and thrown into the wash at night.  Need to make it easy to be not gross or lets be honest I'll just be gross.

It keeps your gym bag from always smelling like it needs a wash.

I making multiple outfit changes throughout my day going from different activities. Sometimes it's workout to workout, sometimes it's work to workout. Either way my costume change is sweaty, gross or both. I was just throwing my dirty clothes straight into my gym back but that can get to smelling pretty quick. I made this bag to keep your sweaty clothes contained in your gym bag.

The bag has two layers. The outside layer is a slick water resistant canvas, the inside layer is ripstop. It zips up to keep your sweaty shirts and shorts fully contained. The bag is measures 12 X 9 inches flat and can contain a full sweaty outfit. When you get around to doing laundry you can just throw the bag in with your wash.

Blue or Pink!

How do you deal with your post exercise clothes?

David's Trail Endurance Race 50k

So I really didn't have high expectations for this David's Trail Endurance Race 50k.  Since I started doing ultra events I pretty much always train on less miles than they tell you to and I hadn't been doing any long runs as of late so I figured I'd just see how this race went.

We got down to the race local the evening before, dinner was a huge burger and fries with a beer.  Later on I had one more beer and a couple of cookies.  This is not how I usually eat but you know gotta fuel up.

I don't know about everyone else but I slept great that night and the race didn't start till 8am just across the street from where we were staying.  Plenty of time for coffee and getting ready in the morning.  I had 1 1/2 cups of coffee with cream, a lemon Luna bar and half a banana.

It was so warm on race morning, like 50˚ in mid January!  I love warm weather!  I started the morning with a bunch of clothes on but ended up striping down to my sports bra and shorts for the start.

The course was a 7k loop, then an out and back for the rest of the distance.  The 50k and 25k races started together then the 25kers headed back around mile 10 I think.

The 7k loop was pretty all along the lake, rocky and kinda challenging to run with a decent amount of up and down.  At this time there were several women ahead of me but I didn't know which race they were in.  After the 7k loop I passed several of these women on the way to the 2nd aid station at the 25k turn around.  The last one I passed in this section seemed like she was a 50ker and would catch up to me if I slowed down much at all.  It was still early in the race so I didn't know how my no long run training would pan out for me.

Shortly after the aid station there was a long flat road bridge to run that crossed the lake before running back into another trail.  I passed the last women here.  She must of gotten off to a super fast start because I ran right past her and knew she wouldn't catch up.

The course was pretty much all hills but mostly very runable.  I was really loving the hills.  At the next aid station the volunteer told me I was the 1st female so I felt like I needed to pick it up so I'd keep that position.

The next miles to the turn around were the most challenging with the biggest climbs and descents.
We got to climb up and down ropes on one little part of the course which was fun.  I really felt like I have improved my downhill run.  I know its what to work on to make up time.  I mean if you can just plow down the hills with out fear of tripping and bashing your head or ripping your leg open on the rocks then it's like free time.

My least favorite part of the course was this short area that had a steep side grade so you were going sideways kinda but it didn't last too long.

A 1/4 mile after the turn around I ran into the next 2 females, they did have a huge hill to climb but I didn't want anyone coming up on me in the last mile so I decided I better not take it easy on the way back or tsp for pictures like I usually do.  Back to the next aid station went fast even though it was there harder part of the course.  I was trying to push it a little and I got to see my friends and everyone else in the race.

At the next aid stain the guy told me I was at mile 19 which didn't seem right ( my watch said something more like 23ish)  but the trail became more runable so for the most part I ran even though the hills were tougher than on the way out.  Didn't seem like too long before I hit the last aid station and they assured me that it was only 5 and something miles to the end.

A couple miles later I was ready to see the finish.  I was looking at my watch way too much and a ways before the finish you could hear the band but I had no real idea how close I was.  I sign that mentioned when there was 1 mile left might of been nice.

Soon enough though I could see the buildings through the trees and realized I was there so of course I picked it up to the finish line.  The band was playing Jason Aldean's Dirt Road Anthem.  While I realize they weren't playing it for me it's a fun song to finish on(judge if you want, it's a great song.)

I finished 1st female and 7th overall out of 40 finishers with a time of 6:29:02.

I got a sweet award and a surprise $50 for winning.

During the race I ate 6 salt pills, 3/4 a package of shot bloks,  1/2 a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, 4 pringles, 1 mini crunch bar.  Then lots of water and 2 Nuun tabs(at races I just eat my Nuun now rather than dissolving it in my water.)

I really loved this race, the course was very pretty.  I don't know if I just needed an escape from reality for the weekend but I really enjoyed all the hills, the people I met and friends I got to spend the weekend with.