My diet is extremely regular and plain.  Oatmeal, cheese quesadilla, and bars are our staples.  Gretchen asks for protein bars when she is hungry.  Then this week on separate occasions she cooked herself oatmeal and a quesadilla in the microwave.  I feel like my parenting is about done here.

I'm still pretty nutritious though at least in my head.  I stuff my oatmeal with protein powder, almond butter, bananas, other fruit, nuts.

To my cheese and tortillas I add black beans, sweet potatoes.  Roasted brussel sprouts, asparagus or Broccoli.  Sometimes there are bagged salads involved as a side.  Then we buy a lot of fruit mostly berries and banana because they get eaten.

I eat chicken and salmon when I work because it's cheap for me at the restaurant and most important I don't have to cook it.  Beef and pork when I go out to eat or at my parents house.  I'm just not for cooking anymore, like why waste my time with that.  I don't have the time really and meal prep is beyond me.  How am I supposed to know on Sunday where I'll be and what I'll feel like eating on Thursday when I'm hungry?

This is why I love bars so much.  Easy to carry with you, not too many calories and just hit the spot.  Bars are the one thing I still like making though it's not really cooking.  We go though a ton of store bought ones so it's good to mix things up with a homeade version sometimes.

I really like having energy bars on hand for when I don't feel like eating breakfast or I need to eat before a run.  I only like to run on a mostly empty stomach but I don't want to be hungry.  Perfect fix for when I don't want to eat a meal.  I found this mix and match chart here (page 69) for making your own bars.  The link is to the online version of Hy-vee grocery stores magazine.  I picked my ingredients based on what I already had in my cabinets.  The first ones turned out great so I tried several different versions.

Protein Bars

2 cups oats

3/4 cup honey

1 cup peanut butter

1 cup ground flaxseed

3 scoops protein powder

1 cup almond slivers

1 cup chopped dates

For other ideas check out my other Bar recipes here!



A few weeks ago I met up with Ritz from Journospeak In a Kansas City Park to help her out with a strong summer arms workout she could do at home while her daughter was playing.  After our workout she helped me out with some quick makeup tips for looking good in pics and when you have very little time to go from workout to going out.  Check out all the help I got over on Journospeak.  The tip I found most useful is that when you wear makeup with SPF in it, it will reflect light.  So if a flash is used for a picture you will look ghost white.  I had never thought about that but it explains a lot of my super white face in pics.

The Workout

Workout with resistance bands for arms


PushUps: 1 arms our wide, move hands under shoulder do 1 more.  Repeat 6Xs for 12 pushups.

Grab your resistance band.


Shoulder Press Ups: Stand on middle of band and with palms facing out press straight up over head.  Repeat 12-15Xs.


Bicep Curls:  Standing on band, palms facing out, arms out wide and curl up.  Bring arms back down and bring hands close together then curl back up and down.  Repeat 12-15Xs.


Tricep Press:  Stand on one end of band and hold other end of band with both hands behind your head.  Make sure your elbows are pointed forward and not out to the sides.  Press up 12-15X's.

Dips are a tricep exercise

Dips:  Find a step, chair or anything you can dip yourself from.  Hands on step, elbows pointed back and bottom just off the step dip down and up 12Xs.

Repeat the whole workout for a total of 3 rounds to strengthen your summer arms then keep it up all year round because you should have strong arms all the time not just in the summer.


Happy Mothers Day!  My two sisters and I thought we would make a list of all the great qualities we got from our mom, Diane.  Thanks mom!


Like my mom:

I sew like a pro.

Love to craft up cute stuff.

Like to take most of the sugar out of recipes when I bake something.  Recipe calls for 2 cups sugar, I'll go with 1/2 cup, sweet enough.


Like our mom Beth:

French braids like a champ.

Her favorite quick breakfast is oatmeal with crasins and walnuts.

She likes to make daily lists and keep her notes.

Our other sister Courtney posted her list on her blog  Make, Take and Gait.