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Life Goals, One Week at a Time

My 2017 year goals, they kinda seem too easy.  This is honestly more of list of what I was going to do this year.  I'm spending more time with Gretchen already.  I am leaning out.  I'm signed up and training is going well for Bryce Canyon 100 miler in June.

Last week I had the great idea that we would do 7 day goals to improve ourselves and stuff like that.  These were only things we had to work on for 7 days, then revaluate.  Katie and I talked about our goals during a run in our instagram stories.  

These were mine:

-Alcohol, well I'm finally spelling the word correctly without spell check, so there's that.  It's not been the best of weeks so maybe not the time.  I went 4 days then on a not great day reasoned that I had ran a half marathon that day and everyone gets a beer after a half marathon so.... Now if I did this everyday I ran 13.1 miles I'd be an alcoholic so doesn't work long term.

-Totally rocked fit not fries! Made sticker for my server book at work.  Helps having it in my face all            the time.

-I know what I want in a relationship, how to get that not a clue.

-My positivity is like 50% sarcasm so I don't know.

This week I'm keeping the fit not fries and agreed to go as low processed foods as possible.  I eat fairly low process anyway and we agreed I could keep the protein powder so it's more about a few smaller changes.   I'm positive I'll be at least 50% sarcastic.

StairMaster for Trail Run Training


Clearly my favorite place to run is the trails but I spend plenty of hours in the gym as well.  Used to the only cardio I did was on the treadmill usually doing some form of speed work or just a long stretch of time.  Thing is I usually get plenty of better quality run time outside.  
I avoided touching any of the stair masters for a long time.  I mean most people were stepping so slow and no one looks happy on a stair master.   I should never judge based on how happy someone looks though.   Based on the # of times men have told me to smile at the gym you would think I hate lifting weights.  Then I smile all the time at work while I stand at your table waiting for you to read the entire menu when you said you were ready to order but clearly are not ready to order.

Turns out I love the stair master!  It makes you sweat like crazy and works all your leg muscles.  I feel like it's a great choice when getting ready for a race with lots of climbs.  Sometimes trails are not an option because of time, rain, childcare so been getting it on the Stair master instead.

Stair Master for Trail Running

* Hill training when you don't have a lot of hills.  Doing a mountain race you are going to be doing a bit of hiking.  

* You have to pick up your feet.  Just like on the trail it's not going to be pretty if you don't but probably more embarrassing in the gym.

* It's hard and you can't completely zone out like you could on the treadmill.  You have to pay more attention to it sucking the whole time you are on it.

* Helps strengthen all those leg muscles.

Stair Master Workout

I divide my time up on it by starting slow to warm up then just going up in speed every 1 to 2 minutes until I'm going hard then staying there as long as possible.  I change arm position every so often to keep myself going.  Then go down in speed for a 2 minute recovery.  Then I'll work on stepping without holding on since there are no handrails on the trails.  

Run MO Trails!


Get your sticker here!

There are a ton of trails, sweet landscapes and nature all around us.  When I do vacation and travel I prefer it to be for exploring trails in other places.  Unfortunately I can't do that all the time (unless I can figure out how to make money doing that.)  Luckily there are a ton of cool trails right here in my area of the Midwest.  Trails I had no clue about 4 years ago when I was only running roads.  I have learned so much in the past 4 years.  I used to think you needed headphones and music to run, turns out you don't.  Unless you have to turn to the treadmill of course.  I had no idea how many trails where in the Kansas City area.  When I ran my first 50k trail race the only trails I knew about where the ones I was running on in Wyandotte County Lake Park.  Turns out there are plenty of trails on the east side, west side, south, north and right in the middle of Kansas City. 

Side note:  I run trails by myself sometimes.  I have mileage goals and a weird schedule that can change weekly.  I think it's BS that society thinks that women should have to run in groups or else its their fault if something happens. Telling women that they can only travel in groups is not a solution to the problem of men thinking they can harass or assault women.  That said I probably still wouldn't run the trails in urban KC by myself.  Do what you want and whatever you're comfortable with just be aware.   

I'm always running these sweet Missouri trails for free and loving it! I had these vinyl stickers made up to show my love for trails and Missouri. $5/sticker and I'm giving all the cash to Urban Trail Co here in the Kansas City area since I'm always using their hard work. Stickers are 3.5" X 3.75" and great for your rear car window. Buy here or hit me up on the trails:)

Looks great on any dirty trail runners vehicle!  Just be sure to wipe the dirt off before you stick it on.


Go Hard When You Can't Go Long

It seems to work out that good weather and my free time do not coordinate.  Probably asking too much that I be off on nice days for outdoor activities but as I soon as I can find someone to pay me to be a pro runner that is all going to change.  We had some nice weather out Monday while I was at work.  Is it appropriate to ask customers to scarf their food down and leave at 3:00 when we close so that I can get a longer run in?  
I had 40ish minutes of free time by the time I changed and got out of the building.  Well when you can't go long you go hard.  I think it's a rule or something.  Luckily the stairs and hills surrounding Liberty Memorial across the street provide the perfect set up for this.

There is at least a 1000 different ways you could set up a great workout around this place with all the stair sets, hills, paved loop, and grass areas.  Monday I did this:

The Workout

1 mile warm up run 

1)  Run up the stairs
2) Down the hill
3) Down the stairs
4) Flat to uphill 

1 lap was about .22 mile

Repeat for 1.5 miles

.5 mile easy run

The last .5 mile was on the way back to the car where I promptly jumped in, changed outfits and drove over to my evening class pumped up for teaching 45 minutes of cardio and strength work.