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Replace Run Training With Strength Training Also No Tappering = Race Success?

This Saturday is David's Trail Endurance 50k.  Looking forward to having 3 days off all work and being in the woods with some of my favorite running people.  I feel like it's been forever since I've had a full day off all work.  While technically I did have 2 days off during Christmas they weren't really free days.
Now am I trained for this race?  Not really.  My schedule just seemed to get busier and busier in the past months.  I work out 6 + times a week still but the long mileage has slipped away.  Mostly I lift 6 or 7 days a week.  Then run 20-30 miles a week plus the equivalent of 10 miles a week on the stair stepper or doing step ups.  My math: 10 minutes on stair stepper or step ups equal 1 mile.  The stair stepper is much more generous than that.

So I'm going to test my theory that you can replace part of your running with strength training and still fair well at longer distance trail events.  Where I have probably gone wrong is that the one run that was most important each week the "long run" is the one I didn't do.

Now I have a huge running base of years of mileage, many longer distance races and a lot of time spent on the trails.  This defiantly wouldn't work for someone just starting out with long distance, trail or both.

When I trained for my first marathon in 2007 all I did was run for the training, nothing else and I needed to do all those training miles.  Running mostly road and treadmill was all I did for several years then in 2012 I introduced myself to trails and started taking group strength classes at the YMCA( Thanks Heather!)  About a year later I was doing a mix of treadmill, road and trails keeping my mileage training high for race training and I started lifting weights on my own.  2014 lifting was on my own at the gym, a full body workout 1-2 days a week.  In 2015 I had to back off the running thanks to planter fascias so I started lifting 4-6 days a week but it would be upper body, lower body, upper body, lower body and so on.  Still just 1 maybe 2 exercises per body part.  By the time 2016 rolled around I was back to running but not wanting to quit the weights.  I met someone who convinced me I needed to break my weight days down more.  They are now broken down to legs, back, chest, shoulders and arms.  This has worked out the best for muscle gains but I'm in the gym almost everyday and with no full days off work it makes it hard to get gym time and long run time accomplished.  Getting both in would be my goal.

*Huge running base.
*Overall fitness is on point.
*I work a lot on the strength/ balance combo on leg day,  great combo for running trails.
*Lots of stair stepping at decent speeds and step ups holding weight should be good for all the hill climbs on the course.
*I'm good at using the mind over matter principle to get races done.

Now I should still be taking a taper this week so by body is all rested up and ready to go Saturday however it hasn't really been a great week for me so I'm not really in the mood to take things easy.  I'm holding off on a leg day till after the race and that's as close to a taper it's going to get.  It will either go well or it won't.  There will be beer at the end so either way I'm drinking beer.  I do plan to use how this race goes into account as I start training for Bryce Canyon 100 miler in June.

Who else went into a long distance race with not a lot of run training?  How did that go?

New Years Goals and revisiting last Years Goals

First up taking a look back at 2016's goals and how those worked out.

Run a Hard Ultra:  Nailed It!  Completed Never Summer 100k, may have hiked a decent amount through that race but I did it and it was hard.

Pull Ups or Else:  Or else I guess.  I'm still at a solid one but I haven't been trying.  May or may not put more effort into doing this.

Be a Badass:  IDK

Write positive reviews and/or mention quality customer service to people's manager:  Did it but not as much as I should, plan to continue and do more of it.

Reusable bags at the grocery store:  Just realized I spelled reusable wrong in the above picture that is from a year ago.  I should probably make it a goal to improve my spelling but I try to keep things realistic.  I have a cat now and I use these bags to clean out the litter box.  Also I'm just bad at remembering to bring bags to the store.  What is the correct thing to do here?  Buying bags to clean out the litter box with doesn't make sense when you can just have free ones.  Even though I'm killing the earth (Sorry earth.)  But is there a good way to clean out litter boxes daily without using a bunch of plastic bags?

Ok so 2016 was kinda hit or miss but whatever that's over on to the new!

Spend more time with Gretchen:  She has school,  I have work, we have long days.  She has two households, I have to send her to my parents house a good number of weekends so I can work.  It gets hard to get big blocks of time in with her.  I did take her Kindle away from her over a month ago so now more quality time (she is still not thrilled about this.)

Lean Out:  This has more to do with diet than exercise.  I don't think my diet is bad but even less processed foods, less sugar, less carbs, less alcohol and my muscles should start popping.  

Run another adventure filled race that is at least 100k long:  Besides David's Trail 50k here in a few weeks I haven't signed up for any races this year.  Have no idea what I want to do but I'm feeling like it's time for another 100 miler.  Any suggestions?

My New Year's Resolution is to quit waiting tables in favor of having a job that is more fulfilling and doesn't require me to work all the weekends and holidays.  Calling it a resolution and not a goal since I have no plan to make this happen or know what I would wanna do anyway that would make enough money so come December 31st 2017 I'll probably still be working for tips.  Keeping it real.

Any new years goals or resolutions you wanna share?  Love hearing about other peoples goals.  

Keeping Warm After My Workout


fashion design workout wear

 Being cold is top of my list for least favorite things.  I'll run in the cold but I don't like it until the first mile is over and I'm warmed up.  So after a workout I want to pile on the clothes so I don't freeze.  Problem is I need multiple jackets since they get sweat soaked with each wear.  I'm trying to buy less and make more so I decided to put together a zip up sweat shirt.  

I used a sweatshirt I had as a template for this pattern switching it up a bit with a fold over collar front pockets and a wide waist band.  I picked a bright turquoise sweatshirt material that matched the blue water in patch I wanted to sew on the chest.  I bought the patch from my friend Ashley's store that is still up online at Upsidekc.   The patch gives my jacket that custom professional look.

workout wear

Something to keep me cozy and bright in the cold winter months! 

workout fashion

Sweaty Workout Bag For My Sweaty Self


I making multiple outfit changes throughout my day going from different activities.  Sometimes it's workout to workout, sometimes it's work to workout.  Either way my costume change is sweaty, gross or both.  I was just throwing my dirty clothes straight into my gym back but that can get to smelling pretty quick.
The bag has two layers.  The outside layer is a slick water resistant canvas, the inside layer is ripstop. It zips up to keep your sweaty shirts and shorts fully contained and an elastic band to wrap around to keep it all contained in your gym bag.  The bag is 14.25 X 12.5 and contain a full sweaty outfit.   When you get around to doing laundry you can just throw the bag in with your wash.  
It keeps my gym bag from always smelling like it needs a wash.
Want to keep your gym or running clothes contained?  Hit me up online here or in person and I'll stitch you one up!